you need
  • - paper;
  • - gouache 12 colors;
  • - flat brush;
  • - water;
  • - a plastic card;
  • - palette.
landscape / strong "class =" colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink "rel =" gallery-step-images "& gt; Take a sheet of paper A3, ordinary gouache with sufficientwhite paint to create a winter landscape well. Mastikhin, if you do not, you can make out you do not need a plastic card, cut off from her background to create polosku.Nuzhny shade by mixing blue and white. Put it on paper. The mixtureblue, purple and white paint will turn the color of the distant mountains. This paint bold strokes made diagonally from top to bottom, put a palette knife. Well, if the layer will surround it will take longer to dry, but it is much better to look.
Form mountains Give light paint. Just put white on the side where the light f
alls, the same spatula.On the other side of the mountain make a little darker - Mix white with dark tones (blue, green, purple).Combs - svetlye.Namette broad brush presence of clouds and uneven color of the sky.At the foot of the mountains lie smoky-purple shade.
Paint dark green paint ate simply, without special care putting strokes.Do not think about the details, just draw the contours and shapes Christmas trees themselves.
Before mountains schematic picture the distant strip of forest.To do this, the paint of green mixed with black and slightly whiten.Broad brush to paint white snow put into tiers fir branches, just poking brush, depicting chaotic falling hlopya.Chtoby balance winter landscape , draw the other side of the bushes and trees on the same principle as that of spruce.
dabs of white paint dried up a little picture a blizzard and eddies of wind and snow.Arrange the hills and distant forest - move away from the picture and see what needs dorabotki.Takoy beautiful landscape can draw, having no artistic experience.Autumn forest, summer meadow, too easy to portray gouache.