you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, eraser, brushes of different thicknesses of paint, water.
Prepare materials for the job.Place a sheet of paper vertically or horizontally, depending on what position your cat will be drawn.Prior to this, think of the cat pose, her age (kitten or an adult animal).With a simple pencil, not much pushing the pencil, put on a piece of paper sketch of the animal.
Start with the body of a cat.Indicate the overall body contour.Please note that cat - graceful animals.Look at some photos online.Note how arches her back a predator in various poses.Next, mark the head of the form it resembles a trapezoid (the lower base is much smaller than the upper).
Schedule cat paws.Note
their structure.The sitting posture cat may prim legs under him, could only sit on their hind legs (poluovalami their mark along the body in such a case).Schedule ears small triangles.On the muzzle mark almond-shaped eyes, the nose in the form of an inverted triangle, flanked by his paint "cheeks" of which will grow whiskers (whiskers).
Draw a cat's tail.He can twist the body of the animal, which indicates the quiescent state of the predator.It can stand up upright or simply be thrown back to the side.Erase all unnecessary eraser invisible line.Prepare for a paint job.Note that if you paint in watercolor, then it can shine through the pencil.Gouache such properties does not possess.
Please fill the background.It can be monotonous and not darker than the base color of the animal.But that he did not look bored, in the process of covering the background adds to the basic color of other shades that will add diversity.Select the main color of wool cat and also cover it completely (not touching the nose and eyes), adding in some places shades lighter or darker.Wait until dry.
Change the brush a couple of sizes smaller.Apply more precise brushstrokes of wool.Smears try to put on the body shape of a cat.Select different shades of color of the animal and work them in some places.Highlight with paint tail, paws, causing a shadow darker colors right on the main picture.Do not use black dye shade, better interrupt blue and brown.Repeat this operation several times.
Change to a thinner brush.Now, do some work on the first plan drawn some hairs, claws, hair, mustache.Fill color of the eyes, nose, wait for drying and specify the color.