Create a new document, and then click on the toolbar Ellipse Tool.Hold down Shift, to keep the proportions of the figure, and draw a perfect circle with a gradient (select to fill the radial gradient of any color that seemed to surround the circle).
Then select the toolbar option Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle covering the upper part of the circle.Select the circle with a rectangle, then, open the Window menu and call up the menu Pathfinder.
Click on the command Subtract from shape area, and then click on the item Expand, to subtract a rectangle from the circle.You got a future base of the basket.Click on
the toolbar icon Pen Tool and draw curves using the upper rim of the basket in the form of a narrow curved rectangle whose edges a little bit beyond the semicircular base.
Now draw a narrow oval with the Ellipse Tool and place it over the rim of the basket, forming a rear wall.Cover Oval linear gradient, creating areas of light and shadow.Now draw a curved handle of the basket with the Pen Tool, and finally, go to the drawing of colors.
Select the Polygon Tool and set it by setting the figure of 10 faces the future with a radius of 20 pixels.Draw a polygon by clicking OK.Click on the polygon, and then click the Filter menu and choose Distort - & gt; Pucker & amp;Bloat, set it to 40%.You will have a figure, resembling a flower.
Draw the middle of a flower contrasting color by selecting the Ellipse Tool and holding down the Shift.Group the Flower by highlighting it and selecting Group.Draw any number of colors on the same principle, colorize them in different colors and place in a different order in the basket.
number of petals of the flowers change the settings of the polygon, and the extent of the length of the petals - in filter settings.Fill cart flowers, and then select the flowers that cover the handle baskets, and click on them with the right mouse button.Click Arrange - & gt;Send Backward.Handle the basket will move to the forefront.