you need
  • Paper, gouache, brush, palette.
Take gouache blue and white colors, dilute it in the palette.You need to apply this shade on a sheet of paper.So create a background for future winter landscape .Draw a purple paint mixed with blue, mountains are on the horizon.To get the effect of snow-capped peaks, use white gouache.Create Mountain strokes diagonally.To smear turned textured, try to score in the paint brush of blue, purple and white colors without mixing gouache.You should now have three-dimensional image.
Observe which side of the light falls on the painting.Add there a little white gouache on the mountain.Here we must try to make beautiful shade border, which converge white and other colors.In addition to the mountains draw spruce.For their creation s
hould be mixed several colors - such as green, purple and blue.The green color should be very dark.In addition, change the brush that paints.It is best to paint fir flat brush.To use the image of spruce paws sloppy smear, as if lightly brush poking into the paper.You can create a beautiful composition of three or more firs.
Work on the landscape, which is represented on the landscape.Let spruce stand on a hilly surface.This may well be in the vicinity of the mountains.Doris ate - Apply white brushstrokes depicting the snow on their paws.If you want to give the landscape dynamics, attempt to portray small storm or strong wind.To do this, take the semi-dry brush and use it to lightly grease paint in some places.
Doris background to the mountains and spruce is not hanging in the air.If the landscape looks as a whole, then it turned to create a drawing in gouache .