you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - colored pencils, paint, felt-tip pens.
scary plot depends on the age of the artist.In a very small child would cause horror completely shaded black leaf and spiral, like a tornado.In older children and adults in the drawing will be some characters.It can be devils, demons, death, spiders, bats, ghosts, monsters from the computer toys and so on.Before you begin to paint, consider that you are particularly frightening.Even if you are an adult and serious person, a materialist to the core, for sure you have fears and phobias.Try to express them on a sheet of paper.
Once you have chosen your character's actions horror , they need to come up with
the proper conditions.Typically, the action horror taking place in cemeteries, abandoned homes, psychiatric hospitals, dense forest.If you do not draw very well, the easiest way to portray a brick wall.Draw a crack in the brick, "hang" on the wall torches and chain.
Pay attention to the details, as they complete the picture, make it full, forced to believe in it.If the action takes place in a gloomy castle, decorate the walls with cobwebs.In a dense forest draw some poisonous mushrooms, red or yellow pencil in the bushes make two points - it will be the eyes of a wild beast, sitting in an ambush.From the grim dungeon bats can fly.
correct coloring drawing will complete horror story.The colors of your pictures must be dull.It is better to choose cool colors: blue, dark green, brown, gray of varying intensity and, of course, black.Draw a red bloodshot eyes, bruises on the face of the victim, the vampire fangs dripping with blood.You can also leave a picture in black and white, a drawing pencil shade.These pictures look mysterious and ominous.