you need
  • - black, red, gold paint;
  • - round brushes of different thicknesses.
There are horse Khokhloma painting and background.Horse figure is rounded soft plastic brush strokes depicting curly grass.Background painting done on black or red field with gold patterns.
If you make a drawing of a horse, the main color of the product has to be gold or silver.Ornament is divided into three types: painted «under berry" or "a piece", "herbal» painted , «saffron" or "carrot"."Grass" is similar to the well-known and familiar plants: hair grass, Belous, sedge.
Cover the board with gold paint and when it dries, the conclusions of the semicircle of grass an
d swirls in black and red.Collect plants in dense lush bushes and scatters some elements all over the field.These strokes can be represented by a chicken or rooster pecking red berries.
includes separate leaflets, "tasty" berries and fruits, curly flowers in your drawing.In this case, you get a list «under the berry."Here you can make larger strokes and shapes.Round and oval leaves fruit - draw ideas from nature.Draw a daisy, bellflower, grape leaves, strawberries, brush currant, gooseberries, cranberries.
Gather three to five leaves, poking underneath the brush to draw the berries, all located near the navel of the stem.If the painted area is large enough, use larger elements: cherries, strawberries, grapes and vines.In this kind of painting you can apply the new colors - green, brown, yellow.
«Ginger" and "stick" contains at its core a geometric shape: square, rhombus, rectangle.In the center represents the sun with rays curled around him.
«Background» khokhloma letter is divided into painted «Kudrin" and painted «under the background."Elements of the picture remains the same, the same stalks, grass, leaves, berries and birds, but the pattern is obtained voluminous.Over the shaded background Plant detail layers."Gold" in the background will shine through the silhouettes of fantastic animals plants.
«Kudrin" contains a large amount of gold curls and resembles a carpet of its densely populated.It needs draws thin brushes of paint stains.Plant golden smear and write on it curls, forming an image of a plant or bird.