you need
  • - shades of blue colored paper;
  • - crayons;
  • - gouache.
If you want to portray an icy hut Grandfather Frost , take a sheet of paper blue, dark blue or black.It was on a dark background looks spectacular white snow.To draw using colored pastels and gouache paints.
As always, in the drawing should start with a sketch pictures.Decide whether you will portray himself Grandfather Frost and any characters.If they are present, take place each figure, create a composition. House can stand for the heroes or to the side to make it easier to see.
inspiration to remember the words of the "ceiling of ice", "everywhere the frost", "blue-blue parkas."This is - a very imaginative song in my head at once there is the appearance of this cozy cabin.
House Grandfather Frost to be fabulous and fancy, so make it a form of what it deems appropriate for the structure.Mark the outline of the house, roof and porch.Do not draw a pipe on the roof, because Santa Claus does not need an oven.The windows can be made round, prolonged florid patterns.
Divide house lines on ice bricks and roof - on the slippery tiles.Beams porch represented in the form of large icicles, with beautiful excrescences.Do not forget about the snow, which lies on the roof and on the canopy over the porch.
Behind the house, draw a flashes of the northern lights and bright stars against the dark sky.Gouache paint opaque, so well suited for drawing on colored paper.Mix the palette several shades of blue paint to create with them the amount of the ice house.
contour circle of darker paint, protruding parts leave white.Output clear patterns on the windows of a fine brush, paint her as some carved snowflake lying on the roof and falling from the sky.
Draw snowdrifts around the house and trodden path extending from the porch.