competently work through it.You should not dismiss a place in the improvisation.If you are even a little doubt in himself and in his oratory skills, it is best to think in advance, even unimportant, greeting phrase.Best of all, if it will still look vibrant and improvised, but its meaning and pick up some phrases in advance.
Cook it in the mirror and say the words out loud.Rehearse not only text, but also to the mimicry pronunciation.Per person affects everything.So how is framed visual presentation of the material depends on the success of the project.
Prepare visual materials.Graphs, tables and other statistical data in no case do not pronounces on their own.Mention the necessary data and show them in beautifully designe
d a poster or a photo.Remember that pictures do not have to be small, and participants should not feel uncomfortable when they are unattended.
Make dynamic, vivid presentation on a computer.If you have a laptop and school technology makes it possible to arrange a slide show, add the speech accompanying pictures or short phrases.If you are talking on a serious topic, it can be diluted with humor, comical snippets pictures related to your topic.Or vice versa, too frivolous topic can support the arguments of philosophers and poets known on the subject.
not restart the slide information.Your audience burst, watching and your words, and the words on the screen.And the more it is not necessary to copy your words on the slides and give them to the printed version.Remember that slides carry a supporting role.They only need to attract to his subject, and his speech with the listener and not do all the work for you.