Tip 1: How to sharpen the skates yourself

Good skates - this is one of the main components of your success on the rink.Shoes should firmly fix the ankle joint, skating should not rub or too large and, of course, the blade needs to be sharpened.
you need
  • - sharpener;
  • - diamond sharpening stone;
  • - polishing stone;
  • - finishing stone;
  • - oil, reducing the friction force;
  • - file;
  • - "Blade Doctor".
To understand whether there is enough well-sharpened skates, spend the cutting edge of the nail.If the blade is made "scraping" with a nail, so that's all right.If not - need to sharpen skates.
If you can not give horses master, and can hone their own, only slightly modernized emery sharpener.Stone diameter should be 15-20 cm and a width of half-centimeter-centimeter.
Replace the sharpener focus so that exactly at the middle of the circle center accounted blade.
When enchanted horse should maintain downward.The pressure should be small.Take care to avoid falling down the center of the ridge.You can
check this by putting boots on a horizontal surface.
Once you have sharpened skates, you must remove the burrs.This can be done by using diamond abrasive bar, or by using a special polishing stone.Also for finishing skates can be used finishing rough stone.If you choose this method, after sharpening skates lubricate oil, reducing the friction between the blade and the ice.
on the skate blade has a groove - a slight concave groove hardly noticeable to the naked eye.It provides the skater faster and less sliding friction between the blade and the ice.Improper sharpening skate blade can be completely flat.However, many non-professionals sharpen skates ordinary file and ride without grooves.If you are a fan, occasionally peeping at the rink, sharpen skates, holding a file at a right angle to the side of the blade shoe.
foreign online stores offer for skaters special tools for sharpening blades.For example, one of them called «Doctor Blade».If you have an international payment card, you can purchase this device.They should be used after every two skating.Turn the shoe, set «Blade Doctor» at the skate blade and run it 10-15 times up and down.This will help you keep horses in good condition for a long time.

Tip 2: How to sharpen razor

use razor assumes no hurry, so the number of fans it is small.Moreover, unlike ordinary razors dangerous requires special care and regular sharpening.Ideal othoningovannoy razor can be used for several months.To have a good shape it, use one of the special abrasives.
How to sharpen razor
Take a water stone and drench it with water.Start driving the razor on it, holding it between thumb and forefinger.To not have to manually maintain the correct sharpening angle, get a big stone on which a blade can fit a whole, and ideally - with a margin of 5 centimeters.When pressed against the sharpening stone is not only a razor blade, but its crest.Reaching the edge of the stone, turn the other side of the blade and razor start to move in the opposite naprvlenii.On each side you will need to make one pass.Make sure that no razor shall lose contact with the abrasive.To obtain a clean tip of the blade, pressing force must be the same for both sides sharpened razor.
Find a honing stone, is small in size, but, nevertheless, allows to reach at sharpening razor excellent result.This tool sharpening has a gentle abrasive surface and is usually applied to the blade liner.You can buy domestic diamond bar, or look for old ceramic whetstones on enthusiast forums and online auctions.Before sharpening bar it is also desirable to moisten water.If you can not find water or stone honing stone, use sandpaper that will require frequent replacement.
Take advantage of the "antiquated" way - by sharpening razors, which uses leather belt and abrasive paste.The belt can be a special hairdresser and the usual wide.Abrasive pastes, there are many: you can buy domestic paste GOI or expensive imported.Apply the paste on the blade and grind it on the smooth surface of the belt.When the direction of sharpening turn the razor only through the back side of the blade, and grinding is carried out under the very flat angle to the same side.
Helpful Hint
To understand whether there is enough sharply you sharpen the blade, try to shave them.Ready razor should go smoothly and not to resist.If you resharpen razor, apply reverse honing - a reason to bar the stationary blade.
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