you need
  • - a piece of sheet metal;
  • - clip;
  • - superglue;
  • - scissors;
  • - pliers;
  • - fishing line;
  • - needle;
  • - pliers;
  • - tin snips;
  • - awl.
Ľubovňa "lightning » on jacket constantly raskhoditsyaEtot kind of repair is possible in the event that on your jacket metal is "lightning".Usually, the reason for this failure is the failure "runner".Remove using a sewing restrictive bracket, located at the top of the zipper.Remove the "slider".Gently squeeze the rails "runner" with pliers.Insert the "slider" in place.Se
cure restrictive brace.
tore off part of the fastener that is inserted in the "slider" Carefully cut off the broken part of the lock zipper with scissors.Cut must be as close as possible to the castle, leaving the base fabric zipper.Align the edge of the fabric and impregnate the textile substrate with superglue.Take the tin and cut it with scissors for metal.Cut a piece of sheet metal of appropriate size.Fold the plate, about the middle, roll, leaving behind the "tail".Make sure that the new part is a good part of the "thumb" of lightning and securely fixed to the bottom of the castle.Attach a piece on the inside of the castle and secure with superglue.Check the "lightning."Drill two small holes in the "tail" of the new part of lightning.Take a paper clip and made her brace and further secure the plate to jacket with this bracket.Make sure that the lock operates normally.
From zamka- "lightning" on jacket fell zubchikVozmite needle with a large eye and insert the fishing line.Make 2-3 stitches in place of the lost cloves.This allows you to use this clasp for some time.
Broke "slider" lock on jacket Remove spoiled "slider".Look and remember the number stamped on the back.Get a slider in the Department of accessories, fabric store.Place a new slider on the zipper.