you need
  • - a device for pulling fishing nets under the ice;
  • - a special drink for ice;
  • - thick wire;
  • - strong rope;
  • - ice screws;
  • - fishing net.
find suitable for ice fishing fishy ice screws and drill a hole of any size.Ad Hoc saw ice widen the hole and drank wormwood such diameter that could hoist it to pass.
Remove the winch from the package and turn the knob to the operating position by pushing 180 degrees and securing special latch.Find a small hook on the other end.To him tie a piece of rope to a strong insurance.You can use it to get the winch from the ice.
Attach the right side of the spring-rattle, which, when moving the wi
nch will emit loud sounds characteristic by which it can be easily detected.Check the ratchet, slightly pulling the pulling rope.
Grasp the end of the cord and lower the winch to wormwood, so that the wheel with thorns was sent up.Help themselves to fix the winch in this position is possible by means of the same blade, in its opening resting on the holder.Push the winch in the direction where you want to stay a second well.
move toward the second hole, holding in his hand the end of the orange cord.Be guided by the sound, which publishes ratchet mounted on the winch.On the smooth ice, which is not covered with snow, orange winch, moving under the ice, it is clearly visible.
After the cable winch unwound to its full length, it stops about 60 meters from the first hole.At this point, done with the help of the drill hole, then propylene wormwood and pull the winch to the surface.If you do not see the winch, make of thick wire hook length of approximately 2 m and try to hook the winch cable or hook it.
Hook the end of the float cable network cord swans and drag net under the ice from the first to the second hole.