Tip 1: Where in Moscow it is possible to swim with dolphins

Many want to swim with the intelligent and friendly dolphins.Today in Moscow, this service provides only one dolphin, which is located at the Exhibition Centre in the entertainment complex "Delfin Lend."Previously swim next to the dolphins could be in Utrish dolphins, but it was closed in 2013.

Swimming with dolphins

Dolphinarium you can visit the show dolphins and other marine inhabitants, also swim with dolphins Bella and Ramses and white whale Kasper.Swimming allowed 10 min., But even in such a short period of time dolphins are able to save people from negative emotions, to make it more kindly, relieve stress, lift your spirits and give a quality vacation.Communicating with dolphins brings unusual and new sensations.

Dolphinarium is located near the subway ENEA in the OCE.There's a built entertainment center for children and adults.The name 'Dolphin Land "can be seen from afar.From the main entrance itself is located behind the dolphin pavilion №8 five minutes from the entrance.It is better to
drive with VVC Khovanskaya street.

cost of swimming - 4500 p.Price includes ticket delivery within the territory of Moscow, in other areas of delivery is 250 rubles.Return or exchange the ticket is not possible.On sale is a gift certificate.

Dolphinarium can make changes to the schedule.This may be due to the well-being of animals, public holidays and during the holidays. Schedule for swimming with dolphins approved, but still desirable when ordering tickets to specify the exact time.Swim with the dolphins can be from Tuesday to Friday at 13:00, 15:00, 19:00 and 20:50.On Saturday and Sunday - at 19:00 and 20:50.Monday closed.

Before buying tickets, it is desirable to call the following numbers and agree on the date and time of sailing +7 968 ​​837 89 23 +7 (495) 796 88 36 +7 (495) 796 88 26. After the purchase of the ticket reservation is given threeday.

Terms of swimming with dolphins

to swimming is not allowed, those who can not swim, is in alcohol or drugs, sick with epilepsy and skin diseases.Also swimming is not permitted to pregnant women and children up to 7 years.

Dolphins do not be afraid.If a visitor is calm and correct, then the animal will be so.A constrained and squeezed dolphins help people be liberated and get the pleasure of communicating and swimming with them. swimming with dolphins can take photos and even shoot video.Before diving should be with yourself to remove all jewelry.By Dolphinarium should come up to 10-20 minutes.before sailing.Latecomers to the session is no longer allowed, the money for the tickets will not be returned.Before and after diving should take a shower, you will need hygiene products, towels and slippers.During the voyage should definitely listen to the instructor, who will monitor and adjust the behavior of dolphins.You should also not to perform any acts with animals.If violated at least one rule, the visitor is removed from the session without a refund.

Tip 2: What do dolphins dream

In real life, dolphins are distinguished most peaceful behavior among animals.They are playful, friendly, inquisitive and sometimes very curious.Which were the Dolphins in a dream can symbolize the coming joyous events or specify the person to some traits that need to change.
Dolphin dream

Positive dreams with dolphins

image of dolphin is in most cases very good interpretation.It is a symbol of friendship, good luck and fortune.The man who dreamed of an animal can be sure their friends.In difficult times people from your surroundings are sure to help you and make it completely disinterested.If for some reason, true friendship you do not know and you struggle to find common ground with people, not counting their friends, the dolphin could presage the imminent appearance of people close to you that you can trust even the most intimate secrets. Dolphin, dreamed in the night from Thursday to Friday - the most positive sign.Fate solve everything for you.To succeed, you absolutely do not have to put serious effort.

sea playing with dolphins - a sign of life changes for the better.A similar interpretation of a dream in which you swim with the dolphins.The main thing that the animals were friendly and showed no aggression to you.

Girls Dolphins herald the warm and affectionate relationship with a man.Lonely woman animal hints about the upcoming meeting with the highly anticipated second half.These relations will necessarily be sincere and make you truly happy.

few dolphins dream

If you dream you saw not one, but several dolphins - wait dizzying success.Playing and romping animals symbolize promotions, salary increases and favorable financial offer. dolphin in very dirty water symbolizes promiscuous or the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.Pay attention to your lifestyle.

wary, but not aggressive dolphins - a sign that you are going the wrong way.It is likely that you are in the wrong business or chose the wrong course of action to achieve the goal.Try to assess the current situation in life, and to radically change it.If

Dolphins save you from danger in a dream, that happens in real life is the same.Only the on-site animals will be your friends, who are sure to help you solve any problem.

negative dreams with dolphins

If dolphin dream manifests a clear aggression against you, then it should be regarded as a hint of misconduct.An animal that jumps on you or tries to bite - a striking confirmation of the fact that you are waiting for good luck, but not making absolutely no effort to achieve their goal.You have to think and change their attitude to the people around himself and the world around them. Dolphin, dreamed in the night from Friday to Saturday, heralds the coming of the error.Try to abandon plans, no transactions, and in any case does not go to risk.

Dead lone dolphin dreamed woman heralds changes in his personal life.Unfortunately, this is a very bad sign, which symbolizes the tragedy and loneliness.Most likely, you love the wrong person, and soon there will be separated.Strong experience in this case is not worth it.Maybe fate just saves you the traitors or enemies.

sick or dying dolphins indicate problems in family life.Perhaps your husband or wife will soon change, or you will go to the opponent (the opponent).

If the young man dreams of a dolphin in a stormy sea, it testifies to unrequited love, excessive shyness in communion with the opposite sex, or the presence of multiple systems.
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