Beer Festival held annually in Malta, usually from July 24 to August 3.Festival held in the coastal park in Ta Shbish, village artisans, and in a national park.In these places are brought trays of beer not only local, but also foreign brands.Beer production plant in Malta has been Farsons, which is the only local company of this type.

festival begins at eight o'clock in the evening.At the festival there are professional DJs, dancing and a variety show.The festival presented a richly diverse national food and of course, the rivers spilled generous foamy drink.Beer is bottled in Malta only in 0.3 and 0.5 liter bottles and cans, larger capacity can not meet.

Entrance to the carnival and parking is always free.Festival participants and guests c
an taste the best beers in special built-in bars.Local lager Cisk won two honorary awards - a gold medal in the category "Pilsner European" and a gold medal in the category "Best Foreign beer" at the World Beer Championship in Ohio in the United States and Australia.

The festival continued popular local beer brands such as Blue Label Ale, Cisk Excel, Cisk Export, Cisk Lager, Cisk XS, Hopleaf Extra, Hopleaf Pale Ale and Lager'n'Lime.In addition to the national beverage, the festival is always a choice, and the world famous varieties and Beck's Corona, Budweiser, Carlsberg, Guinness, John Smith's and Kilkenny.

Maltese festival always attracts both local and foreign stars, rock bands and dance groups.In cozy restaurants and bars serve not only local, but also Indian, Turkish, Italian, Mexican and Chinese dishes.

Malta is famous not only beer festival "Farsons", but also the local attractions that you should definitely look at.These include St. John's Cathedral, inside of which there are many beautiful frescoes.The treasury of the church you can see beautiful carpets and paintings.Do not forget about the National Museum of Archaeology.