The first thing you can think about when choosing a mascot Capricorn - is the element of protecting them, the Earth.The stones should be chosen according to this with earthy origin.This zodiac sign from nature judicious, and the stone he needed contributing to help make informed decisions and take rational actions.It is important for the Capricorn and the ability to calmly respond to their own and others' mistakes.In addition, representatives of the zodiacal sign of the need to protect against internal and external dangers.Birthstone of Capricorn must be able to deal with failures of the digestive and musculoskeletal system that are most vulnerable at this sign.
first decade of Capricorn runs from December 22 to January 2 and is marked by Jupiter.Capricorns first decade of calm and confident in themselves, the
y go through life according to plan, gradually gaining knowledge and acquiring wealth.We were born in this period, men always have their own point of view and opinion on any issue.As talismans, they can choose a sufficiently strong stones - serpentine, amethyst, agate, obsidian, jade, malachite.
born with 3 to 13 January Capricorns have the gift to win over.But at the same time without the stimulus to action and movement can become boring couch potatoes.Talisman has to feed the energy of the second decade of Capricorn, giving them impetus to action, light interest.Especially well suited in this case, the heliotrope, onyx, opal, chalcedony and chrysoprase.
third decade of the sign of Capricorn runs from 14 to 20 January, and people born in this period, influenced by the sun.While all born in this period are capable of productive work, they often become discouraged and lose faith in their own strength.Born in this period need stones that will fuel their vitality, such as garnet, sapphire, opal and tourmaline.
main Birthstone for Capricorns - is opal.It will help Capricorn, who often suffer from self-doubt, to reach their goals.Representatives of this sign is not easy to admit their mistakes, and seek new opportunities for the implementation of the plan.Decorating with opal may be able to help them expand horizons and to show an alternative way.Opal has a positive effect on the character of Capricorn, especially helpful wearing this stone to those who often appears in public.Male Capricorn seeks to protect his family from any troubles, so from it may seem that there reigns the boredom.Talisman of opal helps to defuse some kind of atmosphere and give its owner a little more confidence.