you need
  • musical instrument
  • Educational materials
determine which instrument you want to play.Today, there are a great many, but all musical instruments are divided into the strings (guitar, violin, cello, harp), brass (trumpet, saxophone, flute, trombone), keyboards (piano, organ, piano) and percussion (drums, tam-tam).Each type of tool has its own "light" and "sophisticated" tools, so you can choose what you want your soul, and then go into details.For example, among the stringed instruments easiest, perhaps, will be the guitar and banjo, and among the wind - recorder (to teach her children to play, but it is the perfect tool for the execution of other medieval and ancient music).See more videos on the internet, talk to friends musicians, listen to audio.Sooner or later you will realize that the most likely near you.
Buy a necessary tool.It is better to buy a tool that will be with you from the start of the course to the period when you "outgrow."Take the tools in rent is not necessary, since they can not be entirely qualitative, and if you asked him to return ahead of time, switch to a new tool on the stage of training will be difficult.Music teachers are advised to immediately start with the good tools, as they are easier to learn and less risk of errors.Cheap tools may not initially be qualitative, they tend to distort the sound, while you think to make mistakes.
hiring a private teacher.Many try to learn on their own, downloading and video tutorials to purchase so-called literature "for Dummies."Of course, you can learn most anything, and you certainly have a lot of examples where the great musician was initially self-taught.However, no book and no video will never replace live professional who will hear your shortcomings, see your hands, show you how to sit, how to hold the instrument, how to breathe correctly, if you wind player is to place your fingers on the keys.The teacher will notice subtlety and detail in your training, you will never see themselves.The teacher is able to give a few lessons you more than you will gather from the whole book.So if you have the financial ability and time to attend classes upscale teacher - do not hesitate.
exercise regularly.The more and more you train, the faster will succeed.It should be remembered that the main challenge is not the length of training, and regularity.It is better to be engaged for 30 minutes every day than 4 hours once a week.