you need
  • - several colors of natural fabrics;
  • - thread;
  • - line;
  • - handle;
  • - Knife for cloth;
  • - small decorative cornice.
So start manufacturing false pockets.First we need to carve out the necessary details.For one pocket required 2 rectangular patch of the same size.Incidentally, the size of the crafts you can choose a main observe this ratio: the length should be twice the width of, for example, length - 60 cm, then the width - 30. If you want to make 3 pockets, then carve out 6 rectangles.
first item next pocket to fold so that it formed a square and was facing inwards.The sides need to stitch on the sewing machine.
resulting preform to do volu
me.To do this, fold the bottom fold of the pocket so that the center of its divided side seam.You should form a small area to be sewn at right angles to the seam.Do the same on the other side of the workpiece.
from tissues of a different color to do the exact same pocket and hem as it corners.Once it is ready, it should bend the upper edges of the two blanks.Now they have to be put into each other so as to be seen from the outside faces of the product.
next step is to cut out a square of cloth that has not yet been used to make pockets.Do not forget that the length of its sides must be equal to the width of the product.Once the square is cut, you need to slightly bend its two opposite edges and stitch them into the sewing machine.
item receipt roll so that it became 2 times smaller than the former and was facing outwards.It must be inserted between the two pockets, so that it formed a kind of loop, through which will be attached to the eaves.
In this position, you must make all 3 parts false pockets.
All that's left - is to make the required number of pockets and then hang them on a decorative curtain rod and fix it.Suspended pockets ready!