To find out whether a man likes to use a proven and reliable option - Tarot cards.It is an ancient system, which is used by many forecasters.Buy a pack you can in special shops, but not necessarily to study them and to spend years of his life.Use only the Major Arcana.Ask a specific question deck, for example, "As a man with such a name belongs to me?".Select only need one card.His love will tell the Empress, the Emperor, the Sun, or Lovers.A more detailed description of feelings and interpretation of other options can be found in the instructions to the deck.But remember, twice to ask the same thing can not be.Yes, and often wonder just not recommended.
guesswork is very difficult, you need to have imagination and be able to interpret the different signs, but it's worth it.Boil
thick coffee, and when you drink it, think about the man.The dish must be turned when the drink is over.And on the walls, after the slurry dries, it will be possible to look for signs that say about the feeling.If you suddenly revealed letter, which is in its name, it's a good sign, it shows the interest of men.Have heart speaks of genuine affection.The true feeling in the cup is seen as a kiss between two people, so maybe the two faces together.But the sign of the dog speaks only of loyalty and friendship.
Most girls in the old guessing on wax.In the bowl of water dripped molten wax from the candle, and then saw a figure that turned out.First it is necessary to make the wax or paraffin is liquid, and its amount was significant.Pour out your left hand should be very sharply, to touch until complete hardening can not figure.What exactly happens in the end, no one knows, but considering to get a picture, you can see the wedding and parting.Do not expect that to be a clear picture of the wax, usually have a lot to fantasize to get a coherent interpretation.
thoughts about men can be found in the book of aphorisms.Take what is more, and ask questions about the desired event aloud.Can the feelings may be about upcoming events.Open the book to any page and read a statement that first gets in the eyes.This will be the answer to the question.When choosing a book, pick the one that has the phrase, and about love and separation.Philosophical same words would be difficult to understand and use as a prediction.
To find out the true attitude of men, it is best to consult a specialist.A good magician will tell not only if he loves you, but tell me, what actions should be taken not to lose this man.On cards, coffee, in a glass bowl you can see the plans of man, his fears and desires.And knowing this, you can much more easily plan their future.