you need
  • Masjani portrait, landscape sheet, colored pencils, eraser.
Masjani oval face, as if flattened wide.Therefore, draw an oval, leaving space for the neck of our heroine.If you get an oval irregular shape when one edge sharper than the other, nothing bad will happen - at Masjani mimicry involves different face shapes.
Masjani eyes like two huge pistachios, they planted close to each other.Draw them too ovals.Do not forget to draw the blue pupils, and upturned eyebrows.If you get an extra line, carefully wipe off the eraser.
Then add a good-natured smile of our extensive multgeroini and recreate her hair.Since Masyanya -
a comic character, her hair is not quite ordinary - three convex lines on each side.
Trunk our character like a small barrel, but to draw it to the end is not necessary.Spend the end of the neck two convex lines, symbolizing the sides.Stay where, in your opinion, should begin skirt Masyanya.
the way, you probably noticed that it never changes clothes in any situation remains in the red T-shirt and a blue short skirt.Draw them is also quite simple: spend three lines outlining cuts to the head and arms.Mike she is short, so you need to leave the body to strip the skirt, which can draw two wavy lines.Paint clothes.
Draw hands and feet Masyanya.Her hands were thin, like two branches, ending with three fingers.Her legs are also thin, with big feet, clad in black slippers with pointed ends.Draw the first one leg, adding slight bend lines, then the second.Paint slippers.
again circle the contours of the figure with black pencil.Masyanya ready!