Aries - fire sign, it laid the desire for leadership.This is a very mobile people who are captured while new goals.They clearly express their emotions, easily fall into anger.
In conversation, they can be very sharp and impatient, often exhibit selfishness.They used to go ahead, there is little regard for the interests of others.
Taurus - a calm and good-natured, with a few stingy.Taurus does not seek to shine in society, they are more attracted to home furnishings.Do not show your feelings and hard to open.
This gentle and sensitive people.On the other hand, they are very resistant to life troubles.This quality allows them to achieve many things in life.
Twins - moving intellectuals fleeing from everyday life.They very often make a difference in their lives, in their views.It discourages loved ones.
Gemini like a puzzle, with pleasure embarking on an adventure.They never get bored.Slow and passive people avoid twins, taunting them.
Cancers always perceived troubles with humor, but inside they always boil fears and doubts.They are too prone to introspection, depression and despondency.At such moments, Cancer is closed in itself and is fenced off from everyone.
Crayfish - friendly and calm people, who like many.They are very vulnerable, and humor is a kind of armor to them.
Lions aspire to reign alone, pulling the attention of others.They like to get them the admiration and approval.Coax worship lion kind and generous, his movements are slow and stately.
hurt pride Leo makes him blind, he fiercely defends his honor.Lions surround themselves with luxury and splendor, all find their fans.They love to stand up for the weak.
Virgin like to criticize and analyze, to argue.They have extraordinary intelligence and great force of will, their whole life is subject to a special routine.Because of the tendency to think carefully about often miss opportunities.
Virgin - a real workaholic, career, they also carefully planned.Conservatism can make them boring in the eyes of other people.Virgin respect honesty and punctuality in others.
Libra - aesthetes and natural-born actors, possessing special charm.They are very expressive and often defenseless, especially in a situation of decision-making.In an effort to come around to the harmony of the thoughts they spend too much time.
for weight important to make a good impression.They are very attached to people.Their mood is constantly changing, sometimes radically.
Inner strength Scorpio felt immediately.He can pretend to be naive good man, in fact it will use your location and you learn.His insight is striking, with the other to his soul, he does not start.
Scorpios always achieve the desired, they are confident in themselves a hundred percent.With friends Scorpio can be very kind and generous, coming to the aid of the first call.But to depend on someone Scorpio will not.
Sagittarians are very positive, and they glow from within.They are friendly with everyone, but will not allow to sit down on his head.Sagittarians are studiously avoid all ties and obligations.
typical Sagittarius is always full of ideas, and sometimes risky.They are attracted by the speed and passion, they love fun and noisy life.At the same time thinking about the real state of things they do not like.
Capricorns - firmly on their feet people, full of secret ambitions.They will not open or show off to fight, they are calculated every step.Their calm might give the impression that no matter what they do not apply.
Actually Capricorn is very careful, avoiding obstacles.As a result, he always achieves the desired, as selects the most reliable way.
This is a very prudent people for whom the material is often beyond the spiritual.And yet in communion they usually kind and gentle, though not like to discuss with others their personal affairs.
Aquarians are endowed with a thirst for innovation and rebellious.They like to shock, visually or their ideas and statements.Typical Aquarius wants to change the world, destroying the established ideals.
freedom-loving Aquarians do not allow anyone to put the chain on them, because such a person is difficult to keep beside him.Having close friends and loved, they will still be attracted to the other.Knowledge of other people - their passion, they are very perceptive.
Fish - a sign of melancholy and passivity.This is a man with a thin mental organization, understands all.But not you.
Pisces side of the struggle and obstacles, preferring to give up and suffer in silence.They need a strong partner, who took care of them.But not overbearing, controlling annoying Pisces.
Mark Fish - creative nature and aesthetes, soft and gentle in nature.They will never attract the attention of society, not instigators.But you know people are very devoted to donate to them all.