female and male Rooster Dragon

Dragon likes to impress others.His appearance in a society rarely goes unnoticed.He loves a sense of celebration, is committed to innovation.Rooster like too inclined to show-off and loves to be around people.However, the problem of the Union is that the Dragon - being completely disorganized and Rooster loves orderly and stable life.Female Rooster will try my best to organize the life of the Dragon, which may cause the latter discontent and a burning desire to start a fight.

The most difficult task for the Dragon and Rooster will be the organization of joint life.Here Rooster will need to show pat
ience and ingenuity.The woman will have to convince his dragon, the whole initiative comes from him and that he is the undisputed leader in their family.

In general, it would be good together.They fully meet each other physically, intellectually and psychologically.The main thing - to try to avoid scandals.Dragon anger terrible, merciless heat of the moment and can tell a lot of terrible things, which then will be difficult to forget the impressionable cock.

female dragon and the man-cock

between them from time to time may occur a complete rejection and misunderstanding.In fact, it is quite complex and contradictory Union, where one of the partners would have to show wisdom, otherwise the relationship is doomed to failure.

Female Dragon annoying rooster his selfishness.According to her, the whole world should revolve around her persona.It can start to become presumptuous, especially if it is confident that the Rooster crazy in love with her.Playing on the feelings of his men, the Dragon can go a long way: from whence there is no return to a normal family life.

business cooperation and friendly relations

Rooster and Dragon tend to find mutual understanding in the joint business.They have the same goals, each of them is committed to the welfare and prosperity.Problems can arise when it comes to hospitality.Here Rooster begins to exercise restraint and to offer savings that may result in Dragon is now rage.Rooster is necessary to understand that the dragon needs uninterrupted holiday called "life."

Rooster knows how to make friends.He will be able to become a reliable ally of the Dragon and understanding a close friend.They get along well and did not quarrel over trifles.Both the sign just love to be in society, who are not averse to shine.