Tip 1: Find a song of advertising

Sometimes the music of advertising is remembered much better than an object, which shall inform the consumer video creators.I want to listen to your favorite tune, download the phone and even to put in place the call, but the question is - who sings the song as it is called, and where to find it.
use any search engine.Enter the search string "song / melody of advertising ...".If the manufacturer regularly publishes videos, specify the year, for example, "a song from the advertising Nike 2012".Examine the list of found sites, find the name of the artist and song title.Some search engines allow you to listen to the melody, the result will be displayed before the list of sites.
Try to remember some of the words or phrases from the song.If you do not speak a foreign language, which marks the song, ask someone to write them down.In addition, it will be easier to find the right tune, if you know who the artist.Type in the search phrase, the end append "lyrics."The list of selected si
tes get the most relevant.According to the author's name and the name you will be able to find the desired song for wiretapping or jumps.
Refer to specialized databases of music from advertising, for example, SplendAd.There you can choose the brand or manufacturer list, developed in alphabetical order.Look at the video, make sure it is of interest to you music, see the song title and artist name.Results are usually presented in chronological order.
If you are interested in music from the advertisement, taken a few years ago, visit Adtunes, it is dedicated to the music of commercials.To search, enter the desired song on a separate line brand name and the year, if you know, and click "Search".
Find your favorite song from the advertising on the Russian site devoted to advertising.Rollers you can find a topic (food, beverage, household chemicals, etc.) or a name brand, they are listed in alphabetical order at the center of the main page.Under the image of the movie you see the words "music", there was not a performer and song.

Tip 2: How to find music from advertising

In advertising people are attracted to interesting ideas, funny stories and good music.After seeing a television commercial to remember Melodies, you always want to find her alone.So the question is how to find music from advertising, popular and of concern to many.
How to find music from advertising
Start searching music from specialized sites with archives commercials:

- Adtunes.com - large foreign portal dedicated to finding music from television commercials, soundtracks and trailersmovie.Find online column Ā«search musicĀ» and enter the name of the advertising brand and view the results.

- Splendad.com - simple design and easy navigation.Choose a letter that begins the name of the manufacturer of advertising and from the menu looking for the necessary commercial.

- Music.adme.ru - section of one of the most famous sites on advertising in RuNet a blog.
Take advantage of special programs and services for music recognition:

- Audiotag.info - Russian-language portal with a database of around one million tracks for recognition of tunes.Pumped music file from your computer or driven into the URL box corresponding to the audio file, and the program automatically finds the name.

- Wildbits.com/tunatic and musicbrainz.org - similar applications for recognition of music in English.

- Application for recognition of audio files Shazam for owners of modern smartphones and tablet computers available in the App Store and Android Market.Writes a portion of the playing video, and sends to the server looks for the title track.
Ask other people in the community theme:

- Music.adme.ru/forum - forum dedicated to finding music from advertising, films, TV series and video clips.Several thousands of people helping each other to find a catchy melody.

- Vkontakte.ru/club16020930 - community with the same purpose in the most popular social network in Russia.Almost 30 thousand participants guarantee a high chance to find your favorite music.

- Service otvety.google.ru/otvety and its analogs.Ask your question using the standard form and wait for an answer, or look, not wondering whether the same questions before.
Helpful Hint
In the social network "Vkontakte", type in the name of the necessary search for music brand.Users often mark downloadable music, if it is used in advertising.
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