you need
  • - recorder (preferably soprano);
  • - tutorial;
  • - elementary knowledge of music theory and ear training.
Find a teacher.Music school, where he teaches recorder, as a standalone tool, no one in Russia (with rare exceptions).Her study as a preparatory tool in the music school, but on the second and third year teachers to transform children clarinet, flute and orchestra saksofon.Esli you do not come for the music school by age, wise to find a tutor of recorder .Activities with the teacher may be temporary: for a couple of months of regular lessons you will be quite bearable to play simple mel
Seek sound.Begin to play out from the middle notes: salt-la-si.Then develop the upper and lower sounds.Verify the accuracy of the capture sound from standard (for example, a synthesizer) .Not forget the language of the movement: how would you have to say "tu-tu-tu" (other teachers asked to "du-du-du").This will separate the sounds from each other.If you are by yourself, seek advice and instructions in the tutorial and niche sites.
Take breathing.Recorder sometimes helps to get rid of respiratory diseases, because the game is associated with even breathing.Specificity play this instrument - the natural exhalation.Do not boost or weaken him, dense, uniform air stream will provide a nice sound.When playing any product, you should place the commas in the score where it is logical to take a breath.
Start with simple melodies.Repertoire for Recorder diverse.If you play without a team, take any tunes that do not exceed the range of two octaves.On Web sites, you can search specifically for blokfleyty.Muzitsiruyte notes with friends, try to improvise.Recorder good compactness and mobility: take her into the woods and the village to the grandmother.Pick familiar tunes by ear.