you need
  • IDD installed program recording (in the example Fruity loops) or notation software;
  • Bank of electronic instruments;
  • Virtual synths;
  • Bank rhythms (drum samples);
  • Fundamentals of musical knowledge and musical ear.
To start, decide how you will write a work - in audio format or in the notes (Tabs).Decide with the genre, mood future work, consider tools (mixed or homogeneous choir voice with a piano or string ensemble, something else).
Improvise on the tools available, keeping in mind and manner of the game has features designed product.Note that the passages are easily executable flute impossible in vocal music and vice versa.
Create tunes in the same frame of mind.Wri
te it in the notes or around in the audio editor.From this output and divide the theme of the work: the introduction, the main theme, development, culmination, the final.Diversify all motives, not forgetting about the main idea of ​​the work.
time percussion instruments.Pick them in harmony with the main theme.They are in any case must be heard, but the quieter tunes.Achieve realistic sound by adding a mute every second beat.
Prescribe bass line.Do not make it complicated, you can change the height of the bass at all times for up to two cycles.And you can add some fun to the rhythm.
Add henchmen.They have to fill the empty space between the rhythm section and the melody, that is the average frequency.Naturally, you can not mute the main theme.
When in audio editor in the end enjoy a mix.Use a variety of effects to achieve a balance and harmony between different tracks, remove noise and overtones.The musical editor is not necessary.