Pick music.In fact, this is the most important stage in the whole work of the DJ.Music is not written directly to them during playback.DJ-Controller, mixer and other devices are only necessary to adjust the sound and adjust some arbitrary sound effects such as scratch.
Examine your controller.Depending on the price, the spinner may be a single go double, allowing a smooth transition from one track to another.Also, the cost affects the amount and quality of different switching effects.As a rule, a standard set includes echo, overload, adjust the low, mid and high frequencies.If your turntable is a "naked pancake" to purchase a separate mixer, as it res
ts on a large part of the work of DJ.
Learn to navigate through all available to you, "Wash".Play and improvise.The more you scroll through the tracks and make them their own add-ons, the faster you will learn how to do it on the machine.
Be ready for anything.Remember that the style of music dependent and effects that you must possess.Working in the club, you have to work with a very diverse genre repertoire, ranging from D'n'B and ending with a dance version 90.
Listen, how to play DJ-guru.Focus on those who have already reached the top of professionalism in this matter.Pick up the original tracks, listen to what they are introduced into DJs and try again.You have to feel the music, to have turned harmonious composition, not a collection of scratches and a clang.