Tip 1: How to play music

Play music - one of the most popular features on home computers.It would seem that what could be simpler: open the media player, to download a song, click on the "Play" button, and enjoy the melody?In fact, even such simple actions as play music on your computer, you can go non-standard ways.
addition to direct many players play the track, for example, commonly known Winamp, or at least a functional AIMP allow you to create entire playlists with songs.This feature is very convenient: you can collect a variety of songs in a playlist and set so long music playback.This can be useful to you, for example, during the holiday feast, when running to the computer, to say the least, uncomfortable.
to Playlist option can be used playback music in random order.Then downloaded to a playlist songs will not play on the turn, and piecemeal Also, if a sheet of a few songs, and they sound, for example, the background, you can enable the repeat as the entire playlist or individual tracks.In this
case, the music playback will go indefinitely, as long as you do not stop the player.
moment of change of one song to another and can be mitigated by applying the smooth transition function and attenuation.It is included and controlled in the settings playing players.You can choose from with some seconds before the end of the song it will be applied the next track.So you can play music almost like on the radio without gaps voids at the joints of two songs.This feature can be very useful if you want to apply, for example, a house party.

Tip 2: How can I play music in COP

often when playing online shooter Counter-Strike can hear how some of the players play different sounds using voice chat.Despite the apparent complexity, play music in the COP is quite simple, you need only remember certain procedures.
To play music in the COP
This operation for audio playback can be performed by using the Half-Life Sound Selector (HLSS).To do this, first you need to go in a folder named cstrike (approximate path next to it - SteamApps \ account-name \ counter-strike \ cstrike).Find the file there autoexec.cfg.
Now it needs to be open with the help of the program "Notepad" and add the code the following lines:
alias hlss-START "voice_inputfromfile 1; voice_loopback 1; + voicerecord; alias ToggleWAV hlss-STOP"
alias hlss-STOP "voice_inputfromfile 0; voice_loopback 0; -voicerecord; alias ToggleWAV hlss-START"
alias ToggleWAV "hlss-START"
voice_fadeouttime 0.
sure to save your changes.
Then choose File → Options.Window opens.There will need to click Browse.Enter the path to the folder Cstrike, in which there is a file autoexec.cfg.Start the game, open the console.Next you need to enter the following line: bind del "ToggleWav".Here del - button, the purpose of which stop / start the music.Remember that instead of Del, you can specify any other key, for example, F10.Just select it in the above line.
Close the console and perform out of the game.The next thing to do - to set up a playlist.Remember that HLSS can play only files with the following parameters: 16bit 8kHz (8000Hz) Mono.Using a special program, perekonvertiruyte mp3 file to wav.
Once the file to convert, click the plus symbol in the form of green.Then select the desired file, and select button below, which will be responsible for switching.For each tune, set your hot key.The final step - activate the program.We can only enter the game, select the melody and press the key that is responsible for its reproduction.
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