For instance, if you started to master the technique of playing the guitar, the neck with his left hand grasp the bottom, while emphasizing the thumb on its back side.The fingers of his left hand - the index, middle, ring and little finger are each a number, respectively, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The position of the entire brush against the frets is called the word "position".If during the performance of a piece of music the guitarist grips one of the strings a second finger on V fret, we can safely say that the hand is in the V position.
for pinching the strings individually using fingertips.But there is the guitar reception "barre", in which the index finger, you can simultaneously press the flat a few strings or all strings .Depending on this can be a full barre and small.
When playing fingers of his left hand to hold the half-bent position, the fingers in the joints bend.It is allowed to bend your index finger, and then when you need to press simultaneously two or three strings.The thumb is not involved in the game, and virtually invisible, but it performs a very important function - supports a "game" fingers.
During the game, press down the strings near the frets - metal plates, but not at the same time slide it aside.
main reception extract audio guitar - with the help of a pinch, which is more like a blow to the strings with his fingertips.The thumb of the right hand is doing pinch myself and the rest of the fingers - pinch yourself.Before you remove the sound put your finger perpendicular to the string.This position provides greater contact with the force of impact and the richness of overtones.Extracting audio from a string made from the stand to the neck.If you remove the sound from the constant force while moving the hand from cradle to the bar, you'll notice how will change the timbre of the instrument.