Tip 1: How to play Chopin

Music and image of Chopin - is a special phenomenon in the art.Composer, linking almost all his work with piano, became a symbol of the Romantic style, the standard of "lofty sentiments".It was based on his works of the piano playing technique: mastery of the sound, the "breath" of hands and raise a sense of proportion.
Play emotionally, but reduce affectation
Chopin played the music, as if it were painted.Many contemporaries say that.He passed the finest shades of feeling, it is inherent in the refined nuances, avoiding excessive accentuation.Dynamics of Chopin - a sound gradation from pp to f.Due to the fact that he knew how to play the works on the verge of hearing, his f does not require much effort.But even when playing pianissimo, the composer was able to distinguish sounds from one another, the music is not turned into a mixture of layered sounds.
pedaling - is also a very important performance of Chopin's bar.It indicates the length of the pedal distant bass, harmonic union, so
unding pause, staccato.The composer writes in great detail the pedal while leaving the artist free to use it (belatedly, mixing harmonic functions, etc.).
Avoid crushing too small musical phrases
phrasing in the performance of Chopin - the similarity of speech: the proposal semantic pause.Pretentious phrasing he preferred natural, devoid of declamation, bombast and falsehood.Particular attention should be paid to understanding the composer of musical expression, the use of leagues.It is important to "finish saying the phrase," with the right and left hands are not always the same, sometimes the melody and bass Diverse - it emphasizes phrasing.
differentiation phrase also occurs using textures and dynamics.It is important to analyze the idea of ​​the composer, considering his guidance on the structure of the work.
Note fingering
most famous Chopin fingering principles:
- reach the greatest possible number of keys in the hands of one position;

- a fundamentally new use extreme fingers on black keys;

- taking notes of the first to the fifth finger, and vice versa;

- sequential extraction of several sounds one finger, the use of "sliding";

- shifting through short fingers longer;

- the use of sonic possibilities of each finger.

Tip 2: How to play Chopin

Chopin - a composer of Polish origin, one of the representatives of Romanticism.The language of romantic music is somewhat more complicated than in the era of classicism appear chords of side steps, complicated rhythmic pattern, but the main thing - Chopin, like all romantics, using a large arsenal of trills, grace notes and other decorations.
How to play Chopin
General recommendations when playing Chopin's works are familiar to most musicians.Firstly, for example, in the analysis of the piano works, first learn each hand separately.Do not handle the entire work at once rehearsed for 4-8 cycles.Just Keep all decorations, use the correct fingering.Play as much slower pace.
The waltzes, mazurkas of Chopin and other widely used standard accompaniment of the structure of the left-hand: bass - a chord - a chord (if chetyrehdolnyh sizes chord repeated three times).Therefore, the left hand is learning by playing with two: the left - only the bass, right - only chords.Make sure that the bass sounded clear and loud enough, and muffled chords.Fingering his right hand at the same time does not matter, and left fingers follow procedures exactly.
Trills in classical works are played with an emphasis on the first note of the three.In romanticism the focus shifts to the last note.So start playing trills and grace notes slightly ahead to a strong (or relatively strong) share coincided with the accent.
In romanticism was first used by the reception rubato (free pace).At certain points allowed (and sometimes required) slowing down or speeding to give a special emotion to the product.At these moments, not only pitch, dynamics, but also shows the voltage across the soul of music.
Read about the composer and about the particular product.In the context of the history of the given mood of the composer.Analyze the structure of melody, harmony, and tonality.Try to understand the author's opinion about what is happening.
reflected in the game and the spirit of the age of the author.In the era of Romanticism in all areas of art actively developing the theme of the inner world of the concrete, the average person (as opposed to the classic cult hero, power, people).Express yourself, communion with the composer.
performing music of the great composers - is responsible occupation, because it is up to you to play a major musicians.Still, you can try to put in the sound of their feelings and emtsoii not debase and not to disturb the harmony and tradition.
Helpful Hint
studied the literature and writing performance of Chopin's works.Books in the series "How to perform ..." and biographical notes can help make sense of identity and manner of performance of the composer.Schubert also described his technique in the "Methods"
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