Bring to the ideal of all the open chords.Around the need to maintain consistency and learning to play the guitar even more.If you take a barrel, without carefully studying the simpler techniques of the game, you will encounter a number of unnecessary problems.So make sure that when you play the open strings you are not having pain in the fingers, the sound quality is obtained, and the transition to a new chord comes intuitively.
Disassemble closed fingering basic chords.Remember those very easy to Barrie - is nothing more than A, E (A, E) and derivatives thereof.For example, put in E Major chord (E), and then slide it to the right in one way.Now tighten the string on the same frets, but wit
hout the index finger (pinky, ring and middle), and the vacant index "put" all the strings on the first fret.In fact, you are a "shortened" neck, exposing his own finger instead of extreme nut (on the same principle works capo).Similarly put most closed chords."Sliding E" - is F;A transformed into B. Em is, respectively, Fm, and Am - Bm.
When setting chord properly distribute the load.First of all, do not try to squeeze all the strings equally.For example, Bm ¬ętwo", "three" and "four" is already clamped to the right than the barre, so your index should press only "one", "five" and "six".Moreover, the second string is not too much impact on the sound, so it can be easy to simply touch a finger.Then it becomes the most convenient setting.Similarly for F: concentrate on consolidating "one", "two" and "three", and the top can relax.The finger with the place is not perpendicular to the neck and rib - so you reduce the load.For convenience, create a foothold in the big toe from the other side neck.
explore options for setting closed chords at different odds.With Barre can put any open chord, but it will have a slightly different sound (usually higher).For example, if you put a F on the fifth fret, you get a ringing option A. Or if you need a chord in C minor (Cm), then you need to put Bm from the third fret.Full list of conditions can be found in any textbook or on the Internet.