Clothing must comply with the hunting season to be hygroscopic, waterproof or water-repellent, and the freedom of movement of the hunter.It is desirable to make it easy as possible.Let underwear is cotton, which can be worn over flannel or woolen underwear.Of course, this advice is useful during the cooler seasons.Speaking of summer, it is better to wear cotton trousers and tunic.There is a way that will help to make waterproof clothing: Fabric need to rub the wax or paraffin, followed by its slightly ironed with a hot iron over the paper.

cold winter and rainy autumn can not do without the suitable gloves, especially if hunting sedentary.It is desirable to have a thin gloves, or finger motion will be limited.If it's very cold, you can put on top of fur gloves mittens, which are removed quickly
and easily.Over clothes must be worn camouflage white robe.For this purpose, you can use a wide shirt with a hood.It will not only perform masking, but also a protective function, for example, under conditions of strong wind or snow.

Often, especially in the summer season, as the shoes wear rubber boots.But they need to be flexible, light and soft.If they will not be lining - boots dry quickly in the event of water ingress.Sometimes hunters wear leather shoes.In this case, you should consider how to make it as watertight.

Do not forget about the headdress.In the warmer months it can be a cap or a cap in the winter should wear a hat with earflaps, the top of which is made of leather.If the hunter is suffering from myopia, it is best to take a spare glasses, and his headdress must have a large canopy that protects glasses from rain.Not the least role in the success of the hunt plays a good backpack.


After carefully chosen clothing and footwear should be no less attentive to collect the necessary equipment.On the hunt can not go without a knife that may be needed at any moment.The best hunting knives have a simple shape, they are easy to sharpen, they have a birch-bark, wood or leather handles.Most likely, the ax handy, but rather that it was small and in a case.It is important to take a snap ring and extractor, or stop hunting because of a jammed cartridge or detach from the paper tube bottoms.Pre-cook follows the rifle.

Compass and map of the area will help the hunter to navigate in different weather conditions and in an unfamiliar forest.If you plan to overnight - can not do without a flashlight.A very useful thing - a kerosene stove, which will help prepare food and tea.Better in this case to bring the pot.It is desirable that he was wide - the water will boil.In addition, the lid of the pot can be used as a plate.The backpack must be put cutlery - spoon, cup, fork.It is also desirable to take potassium permanganate and iodine tincture.These substances help to make water safe for the body of the hunter: just add a few crystals of potassium and a few drops of tincture in a cup of water and a few minutes you can drink it.Do not forget about hiking first aid kit, sleeping bag, tent, food.