Many teachers of the violin argue that the hand holding the bow shall be omitted, namely, when you pick up the bow, let the hand fall, and your fingers will takethe desired position.
any specific rules that dictate what and how the fingers must keep and manage the bow, in principle, does not exist.We can say that it is a matter of purely subjective - it depends on your physiological characteristics.Therefore, to understand exactly how to hold the bow, you can only after repeated attempts to understand the position of the hand and fingers allows you to achieve the desired result.
Many world-famous violinist, suc
h as, for example, Sarasate, Wieniawski and Joachim had his own style to keep the bow, because each hand was a special form, the fingers and the muscles in her arms as individual.For example, Joachim holding bow by means of the second, third and fourth fingers (not counting the large), lifting said first finger.And Ysaye, for example, holds the bow with the help of the first three fingers, lifting the little finger.Sarasate is held once every bow fingers and could thus give their passages of light and airy, and the tone of exceptional melodiousness.However, the story is well known that all these great masters are just using the brush pressure on the strings of the instrument (this means that you should not use this for the whole hand).Of course, to know what kind of pressure these famous violinists chosen for each individual moment, we are not given.
Take a bow, as it is convenient to you, put your fingers in the operating position (house) and release the little finger.Draw the bow in the air first, and then the strings.If the hand is not comfortable, put and take a bow again.