you need
  • - Paper;
  • - Gouache;
  • - Wooden board;
  • - Acrylic paints;
  • - brushes;
  • - Images depicting khokhloma painting or objects;
  • - Lac.
Consider a few items with Khokhloma painting.Note the pattern and color.Paint is applied very little, mainly three colors.Sometimes they added green, but it is not mandatory.Basis khokhloma painting - herbal ornament.Look how oddly curved main branch, which departs from the other elements of the ornament.This branch is called the root.Elements of the ornament - leaves, flowers, berrie
s.Some of these masters are drawn by hand, others can be stamped.In the villages, the stamp is made of the fungus-slicker, and in a city apartment is quite possible to make a suitable form of a cotton swab, cut a piece of sponge roll or just stick fabric.
first try to make a pattern on paper.Pre paper cover layer of black, red or yellow gouache.If you are going to decorate painted chopping board, can and a piece of paper to make the same shape.Draw a basic element - it can be a big flower, stylized birds, inflorescence, or a bunch of grapes.From him outline the main branch.Try to make it perfectly located on the sheet, and never interrupted.Spend it with a fine brush.
from the main branch to make a smooth branches.Draw the line of paint.Place the berries and flowers.Berries, large and small, can be done using a stamp or a tampon.The berries can be red leaves - yellow.Note that as drawn grass - they do not merge with each other, each is drawn separately and gently curved.Jot down a few blades of grass in pencil, circle them with a brush.If you are confident doing this, then immediately paint brush.Leaves and petals of flowers can make a stencil.Cut a stencil can be made of thick cardboard.They need to use carefully, after giving dry already painted details.If the pattern turned at once, you can do the following work wood with acrylic paints.
Cover the wooden object that you are going to paint, black, yellow or red acrylic paint.Allow the paint to dry for two or three days.If you have just turned on the drawing paper, and on the board should have, as the principle is no different, well, except that the paint must dry for longer than gouache.Similarly, start drawing from the main element, and then draw a stem and branches.The bizarre they bend better.Hard alternation elements ornament khokhloma painting there, but figure should be very harmonious.Place the leaves, berries, flowers, so that they do not crawl on top of each other.At the top, draw a blade of grass.Allow to dry paper, then cover it with clear lacquer furniture.