On the network can play different games: strategy, arcade games, racing simulators.Of particular interest to network games are strategy.In these games the most fun to play against real players and not against the computer.
To start a network game , in the main menu of the game you need to select the icon "The game on the network."The network can be a local or virtual (game over the Internet).It should be noted that for the game through the Internet in modern games require high-speed data transmission.
Then one of the players has to create a new game , by its terms, such as a map for the strategy, the route for racing games, number of players and others.After that the other players can join the game created.In most games, there is a built-in chat, where players can
chat before the game.
When all players to join the game and will be set up ready to start playing, the user who created the game , runs the gameplay.There are huge internet portals, through which players from different countries can play in your favorite games.To play at such portals require further registration through the Internet.
There are also online games.These games located at remote servers.Gameplay takes place on these servers around the clock.A lot of people can join the game at any time.These games tend to combine tens of thousands of players.Examples of such games are Travian, Lineage, World of Warcraft.
started playing online games can be, as a rule, free of charge.However, in the future to gain an advantage in the game there is an opportunity to invest in the game real money.
It should be noted that the game on the network is more complex than a single game.However, only in the game with real opponents, you can learn to play well.