Today Kastmasterom are fishermen all over the world, but particularly popular this Baubles in Europe and America.The Russian fishermen also the metal gear is armed, but the art of catching the right to own Kastmaster not all.

Description spinners Kastmaster

At first glance, baubles Kastmaster has a very unremarkable shape of a flattened metal cylinder and a tee-mounted to the split rings.However, some mystery in the form of gear is still there, as numerous attempts to local craftsmen to do the same, alas, failed.

In its standard version has silver Kastmaster and sizes: 7, 14, 21, 28, '35 Sometimes there are commercially available and colorful spinners of this unique type but are usually very popular among fishermen, they do not enjoy.By the way, if the weight of the acquired spinner does not meet
the above standards, then there is a good chance that this is not nothing but a clever fake.

Due to its shape in the form of a flat edakogo, weighty pebble Kastmaster very easy to long casts.This lure is easy enough to put in a certain, even the narrow corridor between the driftwood or reeds.Perhaps the only drawback Kastmastera is that it is very easy to catch for some invisible underwater obstacle.
Therefore, professionals are advised to bring a special fishing pole, with which you can save the bait.

on what fish go with Kastmasterom?

If the planned catch a predator, you can safely go to the pond, armed with a good spinning rod and a couple Kastmasterov as biting at the bait any kind of predatory fish - from the striped bass to the elusive robber asp.

worth to see once the behavior of this bait in the water and it becomes quite clear why it reacts so much fish.Kastmaster very harmonious moves in any depth, perfectly imitating a small fish - a favorite delicacy of predators.Interestingly, when the slow conducting baubles rises closer to the surface, and with the number of turns of the coil smoothly goes into depth.

important to know that Kastmaster lure is quite expensive compared to other spinners, but very quickly pays for itself by good catches.Do not buy cheap Chinese Kastmaster because it is likely a fake, and its use does not bring the desired result on a fishing trip.