you need
  • - computer;
  • - to invert the image
If you are annoying color scheme used on the desktop of Windows, then you can invert the colors background image.To do this, go to "Control Panel", scroll to "Accessibility", select Edit text and color contrast on the screen.Put a tick in the box "High Contrast".Click "Settings" to edit the appearance of the screen.Click "Apply" to see the changes.If you are satisfied, save your settings.
Use standard program Microsoft Paint to create interesting effects of negative pictures.Run the program (you can find it in the "Programs" - "Accessories"), load the desired image with the "File" - "Open".If you want to invert the only part of the image, select the desired segment using the s
election tool.Go to the menu item "Picture" and select the "Reverse color ".In addition, a call for this option, you can use the key combination Ctrl + I.
In order to invert the colors images in Adobe Photoshop, launch the program and open the desired image.Duplicate the layer in which you will work.If you want to invert the image completely, press CTRL + A.If you want to invert the colors certain area of ​​the image, then select the desired part by using the tool "magnetic lasso".Then go to the menu item "Picture" and select the "Reverse".In the "Blend Mode" change "Normal" to "Color".
If your eyes are tired of black letters on a white background, sitting all day on the Internet with Firefox, try to invert the colors in your browser.To do this, go to the Firefox settings tab "Content".Click on the "Colors".In the window that opens, select the white color for the text and black for the background.If you wish to edit the color visited and unvisited links.Save your changes and restart the browser.