For starters take it for granted that there is no single and correct in every situation sets of gear and bait.Only after many hours of analysis, selection of gear and lures you define a list of what really works.Whenever you need to adjust a set of tools and techniques, bringing it to an optimal state, provides a maximum catchability.
If you decide to come to pike fishing professionally, start by making a list of sources and information resources where you can gather information on sport fishing.Read magazines and catalogs, attend forums and specialized sites on the Internet.Collect information on how to catch, was the
most effective, and the technical devices without which hunting for pike is unthinkable.
Pick foundation for pike fishing - rod.They are divided into three main classes: light, medium and heavy.In most cases, the pike fishing rod will need the middle class.Heavy tackle , usually used by professionals in the mother's catching large specimens.These rods are very expensive and not always available for the beginner.
choosing a rod, remember to take the pike from the water you with his right hand, so you'll need a multiplier reel under the left arm.The most convenient rod equipped with a so-called Kurkova handle.This design makes it possible to throw the bait and will provide more leverage when rotating the handle spinning reel.
Pay attention to the material from which made the handle of the rod.This may be, for example, a microporous rubber or cork.Try several options and pick the one that best fits in your hand.Best option when choosing a comfortable gear for you - go to a real fishing with an experienced master of it and threw it in practice gear.Otherwise you will have to buy the whole long list rods until you stop at one.
When choosing a reel to tackle your choice on the device with stainless steel bearings - this allows you to use large heavy lures.
as fishing line using monofilament or braided line.Breaking load the cord should be at least 13-15 kg.Usual monoleski must withstand a load of not less than 8 kg.The color of line is when fishing for pike less important than is its property as extensibility.By purchasing the line, do not be lazy to consult a professional or specialist stores to see the most popular types of woods for pike.
sure to use when fishing for pike leash.Large specimens of fish can easily bite the line when playing.Leash reliably insure against such trouble.Quality leash should minimally affect the game lures.
Choosing the right bait, its color and size will be determined by trial entirely abandoned.Try several options to find the most effective for a given body of water.Remember in this case about a particular behavior of pike - it attacks only the bait, which is the length does not exceed half the length of its body.In other words, the larger the bait, the larger will catch.As a universal bait can recommend spinners with tail.With bait in several sizes and colors, you will expand your possibilities when fishing.