you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - non-ferrous materials.
most naturally will look book, one lower corner of which is closer to the viewer than the second.However, depending on the ideas, you can write a book in the composition so as you see fit.It should be equilibrium composition in combination with other objects.If you only want to portray the book, do not put it in the center of the "frame", move in the opposite direction a drop shadow.
Schedule border subject in the picture.Measure by the method of viewing the height, length, width and transfer these proportions for paper, marking them
light strokes.
then work through each of the separate components of the book.Its cover consists of two halves.The one that is closest to you, will look longer.In parallel, the line covers draw segments, indicating the thickness of the cardboard.Between the front and rear covers, draw back.When the book was opened, it takes a semicircular shape.
Draw blocks of sheets of an open book.If closer to the cover they can lie flat, the upper usually bent, label them smooth curved lines.Note that the boundaries of the sheets do not reach the outer limits of the cover and the inside - are the "hanging" over the spine.Lateral line unit tilt toward the center.
In place of gluing sheets of thin strip label headband.It is woven from threads "protection" that protects the spine from being erased.Stand back from the borders of cover 2-3 mm inside and draw a parallel line - you will turn endpapers, which are usually slightly smaller than the cover.
Paint drawing.If you plan to make it a transparent paint - watercolor or diluted acrylic - pre loosen pencil eraser line.If you draw an old, tattered book, the pages do jagged lines, wavy.
First paint the visible part of the cover and the spine.Then fill in the color of the page.Even if they are white, mark the spots penumbra own shadow, reflections from objects lying around and draperies.Text on paper does not necessarily draws clear enough to show its gray or brown (if the book yellowed sheets) shade.Add a shadow between open pages - it intensifies as it approaches to the spine.Draw a shadow falling from the book and dimming between Captal and spine.