you need
  • - paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - paint;
  • - markers;
  • - pencil glue;
  • - glossy magazines;
  • - colored paper.
Get a large sheet of paper, such as A1, its dimensions are about 60 by 85 cm. If you want to put in the wall newspaper a lot of information, glue two such sheet.You can also use the remnants of wallpaper, if the reverse side allows you to make drawings with paint or markers.
Apply the paint on the entire surface of the paper or the parts that you want to highlight.Leave the sheet to dry completely.Remember that large surface is hard enough even to paint, so try to use bright colors, they are less noticeable error.
Divide the list into several parts, they will be presented t
o different materials, information about the various events, activities and so on.Fields can be of different sizes and shapes, such as parts of the puzzle, the petals of a flower, a car parts.It all depends on what event is timed to the release of wall newspapers.
Prepare several texts related to the event, on the occasion of which the newspaper is made.It may be congratulations and wishes, statistical data, information materials, jokes and poems.Part of the space can be left for creating collages.Earlier in the wall newspapers all wrote by hand, you can resort to this method of registration and now, but will be more appropriate to use the computer for typing and printing the text.Remember, it is important to respect the scale and choose beautiful "readable" font.
Create a collage, as applicable.To do this, print the photos of those devoted to the wall newspaper (ladies on March 8, the men on February 23, the participants of the Olympiad).Find images in glossy magazines for men and women, cut them, glue the pictures in place of heads.Try not to offend the most sensitive people, if you wish, you can pririsovat cloud with text like in the comics.
Decorate wall newspaper .To do this, you can cut the flowers, hearts, bears and other figures.Place them along the perimeter and at locations which are not able to fill the text.You can make a decoration volume, for example, curl the petals of flowers.