you need
  • - internet access;
  • - established official client Lineage II;
  • - active account in one of the official server Lineage II;
  • - create a character on the account;
  • - subject to summon dragon (Wind Flute, Flute or Violin Stars of Twilight) level 55 and above in the character's inventory.
Start a quest "Growing dragon."Through a system of teleports move to location "Hunters Village."Find the NPC «Elder Cronos."Call dragon.Open dialogue interaction with the NPC.Select "Network" and "Growing dragon."Examine the contents of the quest, given in the dialogue.Click on the accompanying link text for the job.
get the next job quest "Growing dragon."Through the NPC class "Gatekeeper" move out "Hunters Village" in location "Magic Valley - north."Find the NPC «Fairy Mimyu."To do this, go through the gorge, begins near the point of occurrence of the character in depth location of the "Magic Valley" before the first fork.Focus on the card.Open dialogue interaction with the NPC and continue the quest.
Collect four quest items "Leaf Fairy."Return to the "Hunters Village", using the teleport scroll.Get out of the settlement in the direction of the location of the "Valley of the Hunters."Locate one of the quest monster called "The Magic Tree Wind", "The Magic Tree Stars", "The Magic Tree Twilight" and "The Magic Tree Abyss" .Vyzovite dragon.If possible, put on him the effect of increasing the protection and attack speed, place it in your inventory healing potions and brought them to the control panel.Send to attack the dragon quest NPC.Treat dragon and, if possible, lull the monsters close (they will attack your pet).After some time in the quest inventory will predmet.Naydite one of the following quest monsters and repeat with him described steps until you have all four items "Leaf Fairy."
Get strider.Use the Scroll of Escape to return to the "Hunters Village."Through the NPC «Gatekeeper" move to location "Magic Valley - north."Find the NPC «Fairy Mimyu."Call dragon.Open dialogue and cooperation with the NPC to complete the quest, selecting the strider one of the proposed types.After completing the quest dragon disappears and the subject to call it in your inventory will be replaced, subject to the call strider.