PVP tab on the toolbar in the game or just press H. Find the section on the arena, and click "Create a Team".In order to participate in the arena, you must be 70, 80 or 85 level.
Then select the type of team you want to create: 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5.Come up with a name and select a flag.Click "Save".Now you need to choose the team to enter the arena.
Assemble a team.It all depends on your style of play and ability to stay in the team.The ideal option for the arena will be part of WoW, where there is one doctor.This is distributed between other players such tasks as checking an opponent, the defense doctor and the damage caused.Only a b
alanced team will be able to get enough points in the arena for the purchase of equipment.
Make an arena.Make you it can only at presence of the required number of team members online.As a rule, the opponent is chosen based on your current rating.At the same time to win you get points , and for the loss - lose.The amount of points depends on the ratio of ratings of commands.For example, if the team fought with a rating of 100 and 2000, and the first lost, then no one will get nothing, and will not lose, but if the first team wins, it will be produced and filmed by 25 points.
Remember that the number of points Arena in WoW per week is limited to a certain number of which depends on your current rating, and there is a limit on the total number of Arena points.In other words, if you score limit, the further participation in the competition will be held for you without a reward, so spend earned points .
buy special weapons and armor for the arena to increase their options to help you in the future to defeat stronger enemies.