you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - compasses;
  • - line;
  • - gon;
  • - pencil.
Draw a circle of any diameter.Please note that the star will be inscribed in a circle, so the range should roughly correspond to the desired length of the beam from the center of the top.For convenience, mark the center point O. follow a horizontal diameter.The point O perpendicular to it, build and continue to the intersection with the circle.Lower point mark as M.
Divide the radius extending from a point about the left half.Put the point A. You can connect it to a dotted line to a point M, but not necessarily.Spread the leg of a compass in the distance AM.Draw an arc of
the radius from the point M to the intersection with the second horizontal radius.Place at N. Describe another arc whose radius is equal to AN.Put the point K.
Draw a circle with a radius of AK.Find the point of intersection with the first circle.Label them as C and D.So you already have tops 3 stars remains to find another 2. To this end, the points C and D, draw a circle with the same radius equal to the SA.Note the point of intersection with the main circle.Connect the top of the rays dotted lines.You now have a regular pentagon.The extra line can be removed, leaving only the outlines of the pentagon and the center of the circle.
Enter the resulting pentagon circle.Since you are dealing with a regular convex polygons, the center of the inscribed circle coincides with the center described, that is the original.To the contact point of the pentagon sides with a new circle swipe perpendicular.Aside from the points of intersection with the parties or the same distance from the center.Connect the points obtained with the vertices of the pentagon.Circle the contour of the stars, and remove the extra construction.