you need
  • For the first method:
  • - PVA glue;
  • - sodium tetraborate in glycerin (glycerol drill);
  • - dye.
  • For the second method:
  • - silicate glue;
  • - 96% ethyl alcohol.
One of the most well-known recipe for home hendgama involves the use of PVA glue and borax in glycerine.Pour into a glass jar or glass packaging paper glue PVA.If you want to get silly putty color, touch up a small amount of glue gouache.Vigorously stir the PVA and color wooden stick.Unpainted hendgam is white.
Pour into a container small amount of sodium tetraborate in glycerol.This f
luid, which has antiseptic properties, can be found at the pharmacy.From the amount of an antiseptic future depends on the consistency of silly putty: the more sodium tetraborate will be added to the adhesive, the more liquid will result.
wooden stick, mix borax with glue.After a few minutes to get the mass begins to thicken.Wrap it in the mixer and remove the container.
If the substance was tight before you had time to fully connect the components, to shift the future hendgam in a plastic bag and knead it by hand.Made this recipe silly putty does not stain freely separated from the object on which rests a ball rolled out of it, it spreads over the surface.However, unlike the original home toys silly putty is different durability.
Hendgam can be made of silicate glue and ethyl alcohol.Pour the paste into a deep container and add the amount of alcohol that does not exceed one-fifth of the volume of the used glue.Pouring too much alcohol, you immediately get a solid brittle material, and therefore add a second component of the drop.
When the liquid in the tank begins to thicken, stir it with a wooden stick.The solution will start to appear in white flakes.Vigorously stir the adhesive with alcohol, wait until almost the entire mixture goes into a solid form.Remove the flakes from the container and remove them from the residual liquid by squeezing the resulting substance.Such hendgam will retain its properties for several hours.