you need
  • - Bulgarian drill;
  • - diamond disks;
  • - drills and chisels;
  • - hand bormashinka;
  • - diamond sponges;
  • - stone.
Determine from a stone sculpture will be cut down.Marble is easy to process, but polishing easier than, for example, granite.Limestone is easy to process, well holds its shape, but the surface of it without the special labor-intensive finishing quickly will lose the original good look.Another soft ornamental stone like gypsum, calcite, too, is not suitable for all purposes.
Draw a sketch of the future product, but rather several.These designs make plasticine model.For otlepka have to use clay sculpture, but at the very least fit and normal.The model will help you in
the future work on the sculpture.With its help, follow the pattern of the paper - it will be a silhouette of the article to get a result.
cut from a selected piece of stone for all the excess, referring to the extremes of your model or template.Machining should be done carefully - try not to cut the excess.For primary treatment is necessary to use a drill or a drill with a disk, you can use the hammer, but only for the material without internal microcracks.
Keep the workpiece by means of drills, and drives, gradually bringing it to the desired shape.To perform more fine details need to drill and choose thinner.For example, features sculptures, hair, and other fine work perform better not to drill - use for this bormashinku.
Sand product using diamond sponges, sandpaper.You can use a special polishing paste, or other compounds that facilitate grinding and gives a brilliant view of the finished product.