Choose students who will be chronicle .Assign one of the students a photographer, his responsibilities will include the recording of the most important moments in the life of the class .
Decide how you will conduct chronicle .You can write it on paper or printed on a computer, and then propagated to each student.If the school has its own site, ask permission from the administration to place there news about life class .On the website you can not only write articles about important events, but also to illustrate the material multimedia files.
Start chronicle a collective photograph taken September 1, then insert the image of the class teacher.List composition class and select members of the government (may
or, responsible for the duty, kultmassovy sector, etc.).Make a table with a timetable and list of teachers who teach the class.
Tell all the talented guys from class , add a few photographs and list the main achievements.News of important events rather than just listing a list, and write details about your participation in each.
described in chronicles not only the competition or competitions, do not forget about everyday life class .You can talk about interesting traditions of collective characterize each student, such as "Home of fashion" or "most active sportsman."Monthly Organize learning outcomes and mark in the annals of honors and Losers.
Do not forget the birthdays of pupils, be sure to congratulate each and insert a photo into the material.Samu chronicle better split for months, to reflect the true history of life class .Concluding chronicle , be sure to include the names of the guys who were engaged in its drafting.