you need
  • akvagrim, soft brush, water, sponge, cloth, cosmetic pencils, glitter, lipstick, powder, cotton swabs.
Get akvagrim in specialized theater shop - they sell products, a proven allergic reactions.But in any case, before the creation of an entire mask, apply a little makeup on your skin and observe the reaction, if there was an itch and irritation, immediately rinse with makeup.If we did not have an allergic reaction, then the make-up, apply a barrier cream.
Practice in drawing faces cat on paper - choose your favorite makeup on photos and try to paint it in the album until you get confident and clear picture.Start make up better wi
th the upper part of the face, in this case, you are less likely to lubricate already made.
shape of eyebrows changes expression, therefore, to draw plans, try your eyebrows well toned.To do this, soak a piece of soap with water and drive it on the eyebrows, tightly clutching the hair to the skin.Allow the soap to dry.Mask eyebrows thick creams or makeup.Powder compact powder on top, pressing it into krem.Na all face, apply a tonal basis.Apply on the face liquid white paint.Draw the basic outline of the muzzle cat grimirovalnym soft pencil.
For ever apply the shadow color you choose.Soft pencil or fine brush to draw the shape of eyebrows, is conceived.Black paint, draw a mustache, nose and give the cat eye shape slanted brush koshki.Tonkoy spend a few strokes of black, brown, red paint - is the animal's hair.Colorless powder puff to protect the make-up of spreading surplus whisk broad brush.Make a pink cat's mouth using a lipstick with shine and a cotton swab.
Gather hair at the crown and gum nacheshite them and attach the ears invisible or by the rim.The cat's ears can be formed from a comb and hair sprinkled their tint lakom.Esli you decide to decorate glitter makeup, then put on a selected portion of jelly and glue sequins.Do not apply near the eyes glitter.Just as you face painted under cat , you can paint it, based on a different way.