There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about meetings with unicorns.For example, during the conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar himself had seen in the woods Gertsianianskom pretty strange creatures.According to him, these animals looked like a mixture of a bull and deer.Each animal is armed and very long straight horn, which was located in the middle of the forehead.It should be noted that Julius Caesar in his texts differed thoroughness and meticulousness, so that these unusual animals he is likely to have described accurately.
first mention of unicorns in written records date back to 416 BCSomeone Ctesias Cnidus then went to Persia, to serve as a court physician Darius II.He collected many stories of merchants, travelers and ambassadors of India and Persia in his writings.In particular, t
hey found the description of unusual creatures the size of a normal horse.Some of the travelers interviewed by Ctesias, called it the creation of the Indian ass.This creature had a white body, brown head, and bright blue eyes, his head was about half a meter long horn.Near the base of the horn was bright white, the middle part, on the contrary, was almost black, and the pointed top was blood-red.Powder made from this horn, was considered a great tool against any poisons.
believed that vessels from the horns of these animals have healing agents.People who regularly drank of such vessels are not subjected to any convulsions or epilepsy or any other similar diseases, besides, they have become resistant to poisons.
should be noted that the hunt for the unicorn was considered a very dangerous thing, because the speed and power of these animals makes them very dangerous opponents.
Later, the European idea of ​​the unicorn as a whole consistent picture described NUTS.However, it was believed that the unicorn be goatee.In European medieval unicorn legends played an important role.In this fantastic animal moved witch and wizards.When meeting with an ordinary man unicorn often I kill him, and only a virgin could tame rabid animal nature.When meeting with an innocent girl unicorn just fell asleep.