the Water popularly known as the home of any bodies of water.They could live in rivers, ponds, lakes, swamps, or whirlpools.However, water, living in still waters, called "omutnik", and inhabitants of the marshes - "Bog".Of all the Slavic water spirits he was considered the richest.The reeds and sedges were his rich chamber constructed from shells and colorful semi-precious stones.There were water and have their own herd of horses, cows, sheep and pigs, which they drove out of the water at night and grazed on nearby meadows.Wives of water became beautiful mermaid or drowned.
The floods when the spring from melting
snow or multi-day heavy rains the river overflowed and appeared on his way broke bridges, mills and dams, farmers thought it was a water celebrating a wedding.When the wife of the water it was time to give birth, he took the appearance of an ordinary man, and went to the city or to the countryside to be invited into their underwater mansions midwife.If the birth went well, he generously rewarded her work with silver and gold.However, if the water came to the people by adopting a human face, it was not hard to find.The fact that left his coat floors constantly dripping water, no matter where he sat - had a wet spot, and when I started to brush the hair - the water was flowing from the hair.
said that once in fishing nets hit the chest baby.He played and frolicked, is still in the water, but it was necessary to bring it into the house as a child began to cry and grieve.As it turned out, it was the brainchild of water.The fishermen returned to his father on the condition that their network will always be full of fish.In the future, this condition is strictly observed.
Our ancestors believed that while in their possession, the water is usually travels to the soma.Therefore, in some areas of catfish called the "devil's horse", and do not dare to eat.Once in the network catfish is better to release back into the river, the water do not try to take revenge for him.Water, most often represented by a man with horns and tail of a fish crow's feet instead of hands.They described him as a hideous old man, from head to toe covered with mud, with a huge, swollen from the water belly and swollen face.His beard is long, gray, or green, like seaweed.
summer water awake, and in the winter when the water is covered with ice, hibernating.In April, angry and hungry and wake up with a water disappointment breaks the ice, and the rising tide broke up the fish.To appease the angry owner of the river, farmers poured the water with oil and threw it roast goose - a favorite dish of water.