How to make a pendant chains

To produce original pendant from the chain you'll need: a ring for the base, Nylon tape, pliers, chain, lighter, scissors, chains, as well as various accessories (buckles, beads).

first cut a small piece of tape and attach it to the ring.Then a chain strapped to the ring with the help of ribbon.Once you reach the end of the chain, detach the required number of units and connect the ring.Now we have to walk a couple of times a ribbon on a circle to ensure a secure fit.After that follows the end of the ribbon to tie and a lighter to singe.

As a result, you get a kind of pendant that can be the basis of any decoration.You can rewind the tape further space inside the ring and add beads or small chains.

Necklace chain with their hands

of the chains can make a very nice necklace.To do this, take the chain (length 1.5 meters), a thin satin ribbon, a piece of black lace and metal a button.Also, you can not do without thread, needle and scissors.Still need a thin chain of up to 30 centimeters.

First make ties for the necklace.Prepare a satin ribbon and cut it into two parts.From the chain lay shape decoration tiers.Then sew a chain zavyazochki.From lace ribbon fold pretty bow and sew it to the button of the metal.Then, attach the ribbon to the most necklace.If you find jewelry you will find interesting enough, sew extra thin chain.

original decoration for hip

In summer you can make original decoration for the hip of the chains.To begin, create a base of gum in the form of rings.It is desirable that it is held tightly enough on his hip.Attach the chain to the circle of gum at the same distance from each other.Every two chains need to connect the horizontal chain.

That's actually the whole process of creating a stylish decoration.It is quite possible to wear shorts or a short skirt.Replacing laced gum base, you can not hide it under clothing.

How to make a decoration for the body of the chain?

If you want to make an interesting decoration in the form of "epaulettes", take the long chains, metal rings and buckle.First you need to make a chain with a buckle on the size of your neck.Then measure the shoulder and attach it to the cervical necklace two chains.

Then make a ring of the chain so that it bowed armpits.It remains to add a chain to hand around the neck of.The resulting dressing is ideal for office or dress shirt.