you need
  • - tape measure
  • - graph paper or Whatman
  • - long range
  • - gon
  • - protractor
  • - pencil
Obmertefigure.Measure the length of the product by 7 vertebra to the waist.Holding a centimeter at the waist, measure the entire length of the product.Record both merki.Izmerte width of the back.This is the center of the blades from the end of one shoulder to the end of drugogo.Izmerte width of the chest to the right hand circle levoy.Izmerte chest, waist and hips, and length measurements rukava.Eti usually denoted briefly OG, OT or both.To construct the pattern need putting which, in turn, are denoted by TAP, sweat or PHB.Remember these designations.
To determine the depth to the length o
f the armhole to the waist, add a semicircle chest.The resulting sum is divided by 4 and add 2.
you still need the depth of the germ, but it depends on the type of figure.
Building pattern start by creating a grid.To do this, lay a sheet of drawing paper or graph paper vertically and define the starting point - it is usually in the top left corner.Designate a point of it.Swipe through the point and two lines.The first - along the top edge of the paper, the second - at right angles.Put on the point and the right exhaust + 5cm.The extra centimeters needed to free fit.Put a point.The vertical length of the line set aside intended product.Lower point mark n.Through it, draw a line parallel to the upper line of the sheet.From point to drop a perpendicular to the intersection with this line.The point of intersection designate n1.
grid consists of several main lines.Determine the waistline.For this to measure the length of the back to the waist, add 0.5 cm to sprout and put it away from a.Put at t.From her spend the perpendicular towards the left edge of the sheet, it crosses the line and forms CN1 waistline.Put the point t1.
Calculate the distance from the waist to the hips.To do this, the size of the length of the back to the waist divide by 2, and the resulting distance aside from the waist down.Put the point b, and follow a perpendicular to the side of the sheet to the intersection with a line bn1.Point mark as the b1.
A general grid patterns for the back and shelves.
Build pattern back.To do this, aside from point a width dimension of the back ± 1.5 cm at the free fit and put a point a1.
determine the width of the armhole.To do this, TDG divide by 4 and got away from the point and set aside.Put the point a2.From the points A1 and A2 to drop a perpendicular.Their length is not delay.
Determine the line of the neck.To do this, divide the NSP 3, add 0.5 cm and the resulting distance aside from the point and to the right.Mark received a point a3.
Divide the NSP 10 and the resulting size of 0.8 cm aside from the point a3.Put the point a4.From the point a3 swipe up perpendiklyar.1/10 NSP subtract 0.3 cm and set the distance obtained on the perpendicular from the point a3.Put the point a5.Connect the dots and, A4 and A5 smooth line.
Build shoulder line.For normal shape of the point and set aside to sprout 2, 5 cm, hunched - 3, 5 cm and peregibistoy - 1, 5 cm. Place the point p.Connect it to the point A4.From the point a4 postpone a distance equal to the length of the shoulder +2 cm. Designate the resulting point as P1.In line a4r1 aside 4 cm to the right and put a point on.From this point aside down 8 cm - this will be the point O1.Right from the point of set aside 2 cm and put a point O2.Connect the points O1 and O2.Measure the length of this size and oo1 aside from a point on a line passing through O2.Put the point O3.Points P1 and O3 connect a straight line.
determine the depth of the armhole.To do this, divide TAP 4 and add 7 cm (for the normal figure, 6.5 cm or 7.5 peregibistoy for stooping) obtained distance aside from the point p downwards.Put the point g.Draw a line parallel to the top, on both sides and mark the points obtained as the g2, and g3.Postroyte armholes cut back.To do this, measure the distance pg, add it to 2cm, put it away from the point g and put the point p2.Divide the width of the armhole to 10. Divide the angle at the point g in half.Add to the 1/10 width armhole 1, 5 cm and put the resulting distance from the point g.Put the point p3.Divide in half and put a line gg2 point g4.Connect the dots p1, p2, p3 and g4.Postroyte cut armholes forehand
TDG Divide by 4. Add to the resulting size of 5 cm (for normal figures for the hunched and peregibistoy - respectively 4.5 and 5.5 cm).Set aside the amount received from the point g2, and put the point p4.Left aside from the resulting point TDG 1/10 and set point P5.Long stretches g2p4 divide by 3, aside from the size of the resulting point g2, and put a point p6.Connect it to a dotted line to a point p5.The dotted line split in half from the middle to the right and perform the perpendicular.Perpendicular aside 1 cm. Divide in half and g2 corner along the bisector aside 1/10 of the width of the armhole plus 0, 8 cm. Put the point p7.Points p5,1 see, p6, p7 and g4 connect.
slice neck shelves constructed as follows.TDG divide by 2 and add 1.5 cm. (For the hunched figures must add 1 cm for peregibistyh - 2 cm) away Received aside upward from g3.Put the point c1.
same amount set aside from the point of g2 and set up a point c2.Points c1 and c2 connected.Take a size equal to 1/3 of the NSP, add it to 2cm, put the value obtained from the point C1 to the left and put the point c3.This is aside from the distance of the same point down, put it point c4.Connect C3 and C4 line and divide it in half.Spend C1 dividing line through the point and put her SEP 1 1/3 cm. Place the point c5.Points of C3, C5 and C4 connect.
Determine the point of breast.Breast Center is defined as.From the point g3 aside yardstick center of the chest and put a point g6.From it, draw a line up to the intersection with c1c2.Put the point c6.To determine the highest point of the chest from the point c6 postpone height of his chest and put a point g7.
Determine the shoulder section of the shelf, and the line of the groove.From the point c6 postpone down 1 cm and put a point c7.Connect it to the point c3.Connect the dotted point c7 and p5.Take a bushel shoulder length, subtract it from the length of the segment c3c7 and 0, 3 cm. Put the resulting value from the point p5 right.Place the point of c8.Measure the length of g7c7 and set the value obtained from the point g7 through c8.Put point c9.Connect the dots and c9 p5.
Now is the time to determine the line side seams.To do this, the width of the armhole, divide by 3 and got the distance right aside from the point g.Put point g5.Through it, draw a vertical line.At the intersection of this line with the line armholes set point r.At the intersection with the lines of her bottom, thighs and waist - respectively the point t2, c2 and n2.
Calculate the recess on the waist line.To POT add 1cm to free fit.From the width of the dress, subtract the size of the waist.This is a common solution.A solution of the front recess is 1/4 of the total solution.The lateral recess is 0.45 of the total solution and rear -0.3.
determine the width of the line bёder.Dlya dresses that add 2cm to POB on the free fit.From the obtained value, subtract the width of the dress through bb1.The result is distributed equally between the shelf and tuck spinkoyPostroyte.From the point b2 set aside for 1 cm to the left and to the right and mark the point b3 and b4.From the point of t2 the left and right half of the solution set aside at the side dart and put t3, and t4.Point r connect with the points t3, and t4.Points t3, b4, t4, b3, connect the dotted line, divide a line in half of the points of division in the direction of the sides set aside 0.5 cm and connect them with a smooth curve points b3, t4, and the other side with b4 and t3.
Define the waist and hips forward.From the point c1 down postpone waist length plus 0.5 cm forehand and put t5.Connect smooth line point t4 and t5.To determine the hips from the point b1 aside down the value of the interval t1, t5 and put b5.Points b3 b5 and connect a smooth line.
Calculate the recess on the back.For this distance gg1 divide in half, dividing point mark g8.From it lower down the line to the intersection with the line b, b1.At the intersection with the line of the waist and hips line set point and mark their t6 and b6.From t6 left and right half of the solution set aside at the back of the groove and put t7 and t8.From g8 down aside 1 cm from b6 set aside up to 3 cm.These points are connected with t7 and t8.
Calculate tuck on the shelf.To do this, from the point g6 swipe down the line to the intersection with a line bb1.The intersections with the lines of the waist and hips designate points t9 and b7.From the point of t9 left and right half of the solution set aside for the front recess.Mark the points obtained as the t10 and t11.From the point of g7 down, but on b7 set aside up to 4 cm put the points and connect them with the t10 and t11.
Define the bottom line shelves.To do this, from the point b3 and b4 are down draw two lines to the intersection with a straight nn1 and mark the points obtained both n3 and n4.N1 down aside from the value of the segment and put t1t5 point n5.Points n3 and n5 connect.