Money bag collected within 30 days.This ritual allows you to increase the welfare of the family for many years, it is necessary to carry out very carefully, not missing a single day.Within a month of the pyramid need to make money.It is only to put coins in denominations of 1 ruble.The first day of the first to put a coin in the second - 2 coins, the third - three.Every day, the number will increase.It is important to make it a pyramid, and not miss one day.On day 31, when the pyramid is assembled, you need to add up all the coins in a canvas bag and hide in the eastern part of the house.Choose any of the closet and put a coin under things that nobody else has seen them.The first addition is necessary to wait still in the process of
collecting the money, and after the ceremony income will increase on a monthly basis.It is better not to talk about what is happening to people who are not members of your family, keep the action secret from detractors.
There is a very effective method proposed by the authors of "Simoron" they offer in order to obtain a specific amount to do something unusual.First you need to think about what it is you need and how you plan to spend the money, and then to start to kink.For money is very convenient to wash your feet in the toilet, is run 3 times, they instantly appear.You can walk around the house with red panties on the head, usually 2-3 nights even wearing enough.You can change into a bum and go begging, thus it is necessary to receive only 1 ruble, and he always will attract into your life the millions.The meaning of these rituals to lift the mood and get rid of their complexes, is only time to get out of your comfort zone, as the well-being will not take long.
Collage allows desires to bring not only money, but also any material objects.To create the required list of desires and images that represent the plan.It should be on a large poster or drawing paper to create a picture of the image.In the center, place your picture, and around what dream.Putting collage assume that you already have all this, thank the world for what it already you have.Then you need a collage to hang in a prominent place, and often look at it.Whenever gaze falls on the picture, in the words of gratitude.In a few days will start running the first dream, to implement the most daring can take more than a year.You can replace some other images, you can supplement with new desires.To come through a collage of money, you should not just post pictures with the money, and write the exact amount of which dreaming.