you need
  • - Photo sacrifice love spell;
  • - Deep Dish;
  • - Water;
  • - Fresh egg;
  • - Knife;
  • - Church candles;
  • - silver thing.
Checking spell carried out by various methods, including the popular use of chicken eggs.It is advisable to apply for the ritual fresh egg, acquired in a private courtyard.Within 3 minutes, hold it over a photograph of a man who could have become a victim of a love spell on yourself.Then, put a photo in front of a deep dish filled with water.Break the shell of the egg with a knife and pour the contents into the water.The cloudy white malodorous accurately indicates the presence of a love spell.
Use an egg can be otherwise.Fill the glass halfway with clean
water and gently break the shell, pour the egg into it.Try not to damage the yolk.Undress to the waist and sit down.Glass egg put itself on top.This position does not need to sit for less than one minute.Remove the glass from the top and see the egg.If it is not changed there, calm down, it was not a love spell.If well looked bubbles, fringe or yolk looks like it cooked, look for the psychic to take off her spell.
Identify spell can be using wax.Buy a church candle and cut one of them into small pieces.Before a deep dish with water, put a photo of the victim and hold on it either on yourself for 3 minutes container with wax.Melt the wax on fire another candle and pour the water in one swift motion.The hardened wax, remove from the water and look closely at its shape.If the wax is frozen in a non-uniform structure with multiple branches and muddy holes spell takes place.If the wax is frozen in the form of a smooth piece in the power of the person no one interfered.
Another method is to know about building a love spell, self-diagnosis by means of church candles.If you suspect that imposed spell, light a candle and take it in his right hand.Pick up the candle to the level of the heart.In his left hand holding a silver bagatelle.Closing his eyes, try to focus on the thoughts of the reality of a love spell.After 10 minutes, look at the candle.If the flame bursting, chadit or wavers, then spell was imposed.